Junk Car Recycling Facts and Information

Recycling or selling your junk car has a lot of benefits beyond just putting some cash in your pocket. Recycling is a huge part of creating and maintaining a clean sustainable place for us to live. The Clunker Junker is proud to be green, and proud to make the Earth a better place to live by helping people get rid of their junk cars in a way that's safe for our planet

Junk car recycling infographic

Here are some highlights from our junk car recycling info graphic

  • Did you know that almost 98% of a vehicle can be recycled? The raw metals can be smelted, purified, and reused in thousands of other applications. The glass and plastics from the vehicle can also be melted down and rubber from tires can be reused. Liquids like engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluids can either be neutralized and made safe, or reused in other applications.
  • The average price someone might get for their junk car is anywhere between $150 and $500, depdning on location, size, weight, and more. It only takes a car crusher 45 seconds to shred and average size car into fist-sized pieces of steel for recycling.
  • Recycling one average automobile saves 2500 pounds of raw iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. All of these things won't have to be mined from the earth!
  • Nearly 25 cars are recycled every minute across the world and the scrap industry processes just short of 145 million tons of recyclable material each year into raw materials for industrial manufacturing. They contribute $65B towards the US economy.
  • Compared to extracting raw materials from the earth, recycling a junk car saves 90% in raw materies, 75% in energy, 86% in reduced air polution, 76% reduction of water polution, 40% reduction of water use, and 97% reduction in mining waste.
  • If you put all the cars recycled and scrapped every year in a traffic jam, it would circle the globe almost two times! Over 10 million cars in total. The amount of oil saved from recycling a single car is enough to fuel a trip from Boston to Los Angeles and half way back!
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