• How to Make Cars More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

    A stylized image of two cars driving on a road in front of a green park with trees

    Sustainable Car Ownership: How to Make Your Vehicle Eco-Friendly

  • Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Pets

    A large brown dog sticks their head out of the window of a car

    Traveling With Pets: Car, Airplane, and General Safety Tips

  • Veterans' Guide to Driving and Transportation

    An image of three veterans standing together and smiling.

    The Veterans’ Guide to Driving and Transportation Resources

  • Was your vehicle flooded? Here's what to do before and after the storm

    What to do if your vehicle is flooded

    In addition to the many homes and businesses dealing with flooding from Hurricane Harvey, an estimated half a million vehicles will be junked due to flooding in Houston. This is an unprecedented number of vehicles that will overwhelm the wholesale market once insurance companies deem the vehicles a total loss. When the water recedes and they can return to those cars, residents may be unsure what to do next. Should they start it and risk causing further damage or have it towed to a trusted repair shop?

  • These hauntingly beautiful art pieces bring scrap cars back to life.

    Beautiful Scrap Car Art

    At The Clunker Junker we buy cars all across the USA, from Atlanta. GA to Denver, CO. We Americans often think up weird and wonderful ways to re-purpose auto parts, but over in Poland Mariusz Olejnik has taken things to a whole new level. The artist has upcycled old car components, turning scraps of shiny metal into awesome art compositions. The exhibition needs to be seen to be believed: metal figures made entirely from reconstructed cars in a massive warehouse space. Bumpers, brakes wheels — all of these auto parts have been transformed into steel statues. Some are stunning, and others are slightly scary, but all are must-see pieces of modern art.

  • How much is my junk or broken car worth?

    Whether your car needs major repairs or is completely ready to be junked – you can sell your for cash and get a fair price for it if you know what it’s worth. But first, in order to determine your car’s value, you need to know what’s wrong with it. That can seem challenging and expensive if you’re not a mechanic. But the truth is, it’s not hard, and you don’t have to be rich to do it.

  • A Chat With The Artist- Sharon Zigrossi of Blooming Hubcaps

    Sharon Zigrossi of Blooming Hubcaps

    We get a lot of questions about where the cars end up after our buyers have paid for them and towed them away. Sometimes, our fine four-fendered friends are crushed up into steel squares, other times they’re fixed up and re-sold. Sometimes they’ll be parted out, but what happens to the parts that make no sense to re-sell? Do they just sit on the side of the road or in a junk yard until they disintegrate? Or does someone so awesomely creative it’s mind blowing come along and make their mark?

  • Seven Insanely Clever and Beautiful Uses for Recycled Junk Car Parts!


    Where does your junk car end up after you’ve sold it to TheClunkerJunker.com? While some cars may get spruced up and given a new driveway or garage to call home, others seem to sit in junkyards for a VERY long time. That is, until some crafty people come by and give them new life! The tires that have holes that can’t be patched can become beautiful chandeliers for the hallway. The banged up rims are now wall art for the kitchen.