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Here’s how we helped Lowell from Lancaster, TX sell his used 1995 Ford Explorer

Lowell from Lancaster, who works as a Treatment plant and system operator, submitted his 1995 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer to us recently. He did have the title and the car had somewhere around 192,000 miles on it when The Clunker Junker bought it. There was a bit of moderate body damage on the car such as peeling paint, dents, rust, etc and the car had some missing wheels. He was using the car to commute to work. We gave a quote for $300 for it and hauled it away at no cost around Sep 11.

We asked Lowell a few questions about his car and his experience with The Clunker Junker

Here's what Lowell had to say about his 1995 Ford Explorer and about us:

How many miles did you have on your 1995 Ford Explorer?

There were somewhere around 192,000 on the car when The Clunker Junker purchased it.

Does the car have any missing body panels such as hood, fender, or inside pieces?

My vehicle was not missing anything. There were no removed lights, doors, etc. Just some small dents.

Was your 1995 Ford Explorer safe to drive?

My vehicle was safe to operate at all speeds. It didn't have any big mechanical issues that stopped the car from running.

Did you have the ownership documentation for your 1995 Ford Explorer? If yes, was the title clean or a salvage branded title?

Yeah. I did have my certificate of title for my 1995 Ford Explorer. I signed it over to the friendly junk car buyer and they towed my car away at no charge!

How much money were you offered for your vehicle from The Clunker Junker?

I was looking to sell the car for around $450, but I now know that prices were based on previous auction sales and includes removal. The Clunker Junker payed me $300 cash for my car. It was less than I was hoping for, but they hauled it away free of charge so that is a relief.

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