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Here’s how we helped Mary from Lancaster, SC sell her used 2006 Dodge Charger

Mary from Lancaster, a Dairy scientist, sold us her 2006 Dodge Charger Base recently. Her car was not able to drive but the engine was able to start up and there were wheels missing from the vehicle. It had approximately 194,000 miles on the odometer when she sold it and she didn't have a title but did have a current registration. There was moderate exterior damage on the car like rust, dents, peeling paint, etc. We gave a quote for $150 for it and hauled the vehicle away for free around Sep 10.

We asked Mary a few questions about her car and her experience with The Clunker Junker

Here's what Mary had to say about her 2006 Dodge Charger and about us:

Were there any issues that made your 2006 Dodge Charger unsafe to drive?

I wouldn't say it was driveable. It would not stop very well because of some brake problem.

Was there water or fire damage to the vehicle (including mold on the interior)?

Yeah. The sunroof glass is broken and some moisture got in the interior. I taped a bag on it, but it has a very musty odor, like some mold is growing on the interior.

Were any of the lights, glass, or mirrors broken or damaged?

The windshield has a tiny chip, other than that the glass and mirrors are fine.

Were there any parts or pieces missing from the car?

My car was not missing any parts or pieces. There are no missing interior pieces, fenders, etc. Only some minor rust.

How much money did you get for your vehicle from The Clunker Junker?

I was looking to get around $225, but I now know that they are giving scrap metal offers and includes hauling. The Clunker Junker payed me $150 cash for my vehicle. Yeah it was less than I wanted, but they removed it at no cost so that was helpful.

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