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Here’s how we helped Lawrence from Kirksville, MO sell his used 2004 Dodge Neon

Lawrence from Kirksville, a Clinical laboratory technician, recently sold The Clunker Junker his 2004 Dodge Neon Se. He did have his title signed and ready to go and he was using the car to commute to work. The vehicle had some removed rims and it had approximately 193,000 miles on it when the car was sold. There were a few hanging or removed exterior parts such as bumpers, fenders, doors, etc. The Clunker Junker offered his $125 on it and hauled it away at no cost around Sep 03.

We asked Lawrence a few questions about his car and his experience with The Clunker Junker

Here's what Lawrence had to say about his 2004 Dodge Neon and about us:

Were any of the lights, glass, or mirrors broken or damaged?

The rear taillight on the driver's side is knocked loose, but it is still working. The rear view mirror is broken but still there. Otherwise, the mirrors and glass are good.

Did your 2004 Dodge Neon require a jump to start?

The car battery was fully charged, no jump start required!

Was the car free of mechanical issues with the transmission or engine?

Yeah, it would start fine but it had a flat battery. You had to jump it

Any missing rims?

The passenger side front tire was knocked off because it was damaged in an auto accident. I got slammed by an Accord and broke the ball ball joint.

How much cash did The Clunker Junker offer you for your 2004 Dodge Neon?

I was quoted $125 for my car. This was a lot more cash than the two other buyers we got offers from. Selling my junk vehicle to The Clunker Junker was so much easier than the hassle of listing it on a classifieds site like Ebay. Just not needing to mess with no-shows and looky loos was more than worth it.

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