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Here’s how we helped Donna from New Castle, IN sell her used 1994 Ford E-350

New Castle resident Donna, who makes a living as a Safety inspector, sold us her 1994 Ford E 350 Chateau Club Wagon recently. She had the pink slip and there is moderate body damage on the car such as paint damage, dings, rust, etc. It had approximately 196,000 miles on it when she sold it and she was driving the vehicle to and from work with no problem. All the tires and wheels were on the car and full of air. We towed her car away at no cost on Aug 30 and issued her $150 payment on the spot at the time of pickup.

We asked Donna a few questions about her car and her experience with The Clunker Junker

Here's what Donna had to say about her 1994 Ford E-350 and about us:

Was it free of mechanical issues with the engine or transmission?

Yes, but there was a loud ticking coming from it when it was running.

Did your 1994 Ford E-350 have a dead battery?

The battery was fully charged, it started every time!

Was there any damage or missing parts on the inside?

Nothing is taken out, the interior is in good shape, actually! We took great care of it.

Did your 1994 Ford E-350 have any major accident damage or rust?

It has several dents and a small spot of rust on the rear fender. Someone rolled into me at the movies.

How much money did The Clunker Junker offer you for your 1994 Ford E-350?

Well I was looking to sell the car for about $225, but I now we're told that they are giving scrap metal prices and includes removal. I was paid $150 cash for my 1994 Ford E-350. Maybe it was lower than I expected, but I’m thrilled they at least towed the vehicle for free so that is nice.

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