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Here’s how we helped Maria from DeKalb, IL sell her used 1995 Nissan Maxima

Maria from De Kalb, a Water transportation occupation, submitted her 1995 Nissan Maxima to us recently. It had around 186,000 miles on the odometer when The Clunker Junker bought it and her vehicle was driveable and started up with no major transmission issues. She did have the title and all the tires and wheels were on the vehicle and full of air. There was a bit of moderate body damage on the vehicle such as rust, dings, paint damage, etc. The Clunker Junker hauled her vehicle away at no cost on Aug 29 and paid her $150 cash on the spot at the time of pickup.

We asked Maria a few questions about her car and her experience with The Clunker Junker

Here's what Maria had to say about her 1995 Nissan Maxima and about us:

Do you have the ownership documentation for your 1995 Nissan Maxima? If yes, was the title clean or a salvage branded title?

I did have my certificate of title. I had to get a duplicate from the DMV prior to the sale, but it came in the mail in a few days. The Clunker Junker helped me through that process, it was super easy.

Was there fire or water damage to the vehicle (including mold on the inside)?

Yes. The passenger window is smashed and a little moisture got in the interior. I covered it up with some plastic, but it smells a little musty, the interior is covered with mold.

Did the engine start and run?

Yes, it started but would often die out. Not sure what was wrong with the vehicle

Was there any damage or missing parts on the inside?

Nothing has been removed, the inside is in nice shape, to be fair! The previous owner took great care of it.

How much cash did The Clunker Junker offer you for your 1995 Nissan Maxima?

I was looking to get about $225, but I now we're told that prices were based on scrap metal prices and includes free removal. The Clunker Junker payed me $150 cash for my car. Yeah it was lower than I expected, but they removed it for free so that was a relief.

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