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Here’s how we helped Luz from Georgetown, DE sell her used 1989 Toyota Camry

Luz from Georgetown, who makes a living as a DEA agent, submitted her 1989 Toyota Camry Dx to The Clunker Junker recently. She had her title ready to go and there weren't any flat or missing rims or tires. The vehicle had approximately 183,000 miles on the odometer when The Clunker Junker bought it and there is moderate body damage on the vehicle such as paint damage, cracks, rust, etc. Her car wasn't able to start and was not drivable. We towed her car away at no cost on Aug 28 and paid her $200 payment right there at the time of pickup.

We asked Luz a few questions about her car and her experience with The Clunker Junker

Here's what Luz had to say about her 1989 Toyota Camry and about us:

Was the vehicle complete (Not missing any parts)?

It was fully there, there was nothing removed from the engine bay, inside of the vehicle, etc. Only some broken molding pieces.

Did your 1989 Toyota Camry have any major accident damage or rust?

There are several rust spots and a little dent on the passenger fender. A man rolled into me at the movie theater.

Was there flood or fire damage to the car (including mold on the inside)?

Unfortunately, yes. The moonroof glass is cracked and a bit of moisture got inside. I put a bag over it, but it smells a little musty, like some mold got on the interior.

Were all the tires on your 1989 Toyota Camry fully inflated?

The tires were pretty low on tread, but they were all there and full of air. The car definitely could have used a new set of tires, though!

How much cash were you offered for your car from The Clunker Junker?

Well I was looking to sell the car for at least $300, however I now we're told that offers were based on scrap metal prices and includes free removal. The Clunker Junker payed me $200 cash for my 1989 Toyota Camry. It was lower than I expected, but I’m thrilled they towed it free of charge so that was nice.

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