We buy junk cars for cash in Moundsville!

  1. We can often buy junk cars with no title in Moundsville, WV.
  2. Junk car removal and towing is always included in your cash offer.
  3. We buy all cars! We'll pick up your junk car free of charge and tow it away.

Does your car shake, rattle, and roll when you turn on the ignition? Is your car so old and rusty that archeologist want to inspect it? Well, it’s time to turn that junk car into cash. There is just one problem. Selling a car that looks like it survived a zombie apocalypse isn’t so easy on Craigslist or Ebay. And selling an inoperable junk car is all but impossible unless you feel like dragging that junker to the local Moundsville, WV junk yard to get a lowball offer from some guy hasn’t changed his t-shirt since last week. Thank goodness there is a modern, professional company that can turn your junk into cash in less than 48 hours in most company. We’re The Clunker Junker, and we pay cash for cars in Moundsville, WV! We buy junk cars and are the best way to part ways with a car that’s seen its best years behind it.

We pay cash for junk cars in Moundsville, WV

The Clunker Junker pays cash for junk cars in Moundsville, WV with a simple three step process. First, you go to our site and tell us a little about your car. Tell us the make, model and year of the car. Let us know if the car is inoperable, missing a few wheels or up on blocks. Then we will give you an instant cash offer for your junk car. If you accept the offer, we will arrange for one of our awesome Moundsville, WV junk car buyers to pick up your vehicle. While we do not guarantee any specific time frame for pickup, most vehicles are picked up within 48 hours. At the time of pickup the driver will inspect your junk car and and hand over either cash or business check. It’s really that simple! Let us break it down for you again:

  1. Get an instant offer right on our website.
  2. Accept the offer and schedule pickup.
  3. Our Moundsville, WV junk car buyer will pay you and tow the car away.

Even though The Clunker Junker has made this process so easy, some people still think about selling their junk car on classifieds websites. Well, the problem is, it seems easy to just sell your car to a private party. However, sometimes selling your junk car can be the world’s biggest pain in the butt. First, you have to deal with all the people who will call, text, or e-mail asking about the car. And trust us, that can get old after the twentieth person asks you how many miles are on the car when you clearly stated it in the ad. Then you have to arrange for people to come by your house to look at the car. First of all, do you really want a bunch of strangers on Craigslist to know where you live? Sure, you can arrange to meet them at a parking lot. But that is just going to take hours out of the day. Then, you have to deal with the occasional person who “no shows” on your appointment, wasting hours out of your day. After finally finding the person who wants to buy your junk car, you’ll have to deal with the inevitable price haggling and hope that the check they just gave you doesn’t bounce to the moon. Your time is money. Life is too short to waste selling a junk car online.

What is needed to sell a junk car in Moundsville?

So what exactly do you need to sell your junk car in Moundsville, WV? Well, first you need the car (duh). You will also need the keys to the car as well as the title. If you want to get cash for your junk car without the title in Moundsville, WV we may be able to help with that. We can’t buy all junk cars with no title, but in many cases we can. Just let us know and we’ll work with your specific situation. After you sell the car to us, you will need to notify the DMV about the sale and cancel your insurance.

Skip the junk yard, we buy junk cars in Moundsville, WV

If you have a junk car, you may want to sell your junk car to a Moundsville junk yard. Oh boy, does that sound fun. First off, auto salvage yards have a reputation of well, not being the friendliest places in town. Chances are, you’ll get a low ball price and you’ll have to tow your junker to the scrapyard which will eat into your potential profit. As a volume junk car buyer, The Clunker Junker offers free junk car removal when we buy your car. That’s right, we buy junk cars and we remove them from your life. All you have to do is wave goodbye, preferably with the wad of cash we just gave you for the junker.

The Clunker Junker prides itself on holding an overwhelmingly positive reputation in the junk car buying industry. We are licensed and bonded meaning you are dealing with a company with a reputation for quality service and integrity. We make thousands of offers for all types of cars and we’ll make an offer for your car. Click the button below to get started and tell us about your car. We’ll come back with an instant cash offer in most cases. If you accept our offer, we will come by within 48 hours and complete the transaction. At The Junker Clunker, we buy junk cars and we make your life easier.

If you prefer to get a quote over the phone, you can reach us at (888) 383-4181 during our normal business hours.

How much will you pay for my car in Moundsville?

The current average offer for vehicles near Moundsville, West Virginia is around $337 with free pickup. If you have a big truck like a Dodge Ram or SUV such as a Nissan Armada, the average value is at $421, but is only $286 for smaller and mid-size cars like a Honda Accord. Of course, your vehicle's exact value depends on various factors:

  • The year, make, and model. If we can sell the vehicle at wholesale auction, it's worth more than scrap values.
  • What size is the vehicle and how heavy is it? Salvage offers are often based on vehicle size .
  • Has the vehicle been in a accident? Vehicles with usable parts are often worth more money.

We cannot pay cash for cars in Moundsville, WV with no title

Unfortunately we cannot usually buy vehicles with no title in Moundsville, WV. Sorry about this! West Virginia has very strict laws around vehicle ownership and we are at the mercy of following those regulations. You would need to obtain a replacemnt or duplicate title from your local DMV (see below). Once you have your title in hand we'll be happy to buy your junk car!

If needed, the legal owner of the car should be able to easily obtain a replacement title through your local Moundsville, WV DMV as seen below. Most states require a small fee for replacement and turnaround time can be anywhere from instantly to a couple of weeks:

Your Moundsville DMV

400 Teletech Drive, Ste. 100
Moundsville, West Virginia, 26041
Tel: 304-558-3900

Moundsville DMV map

How long does the process take?

We can usually pick up most vehicles in Moundsville within 1 to 3 business days. However, your local buyer or carrier handles all their own scheduling, so we can never fully guarantee a specific pickup time on their behalf. Same day pickups are sometimes possible, but never guaranteed.

Do you pay cash or check at pickup time?

Whether you are paid by check or cash depends on the policy of the buyer near you who makes a bid on your vehicle. While some of our buyers do pay cash for cars, some have started using checks for the safety of tow drivers and better record keeping. When you are paid via business check, remember that The Clunker Junker fully backs up every payment and will pay you in full if there is any issue with the local buyer!

Recent Junk And Used Cars Sold In Moundsville, WV

Recent vehicles sold in Moundsville, WV
The most recent junk car we have made an instant cash offer on near Moundsville, West Virginia was Keith's 2003 Toyota Camry LE V6 in 26041. This Camry does not start with approximately 218,000 miles on the odometer and has a clear title, no dents, damage, or rust, and has no flood or fire damage. We offered Keith $285.00 for their Camry with free pickup and tow away! Find out how much cash we'll pay for your vehicle!
  • 2002 Honda Accord Sedan (Not S... Oct 26
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 1997 Pontiac Grand Am Coupe (N... Oct 17
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2004 Buick Le Sabre (Not Sure) Oct 17
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2016 Kia Sorento Lx V6 Awd Oct 07
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Engine Starts
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2015 Kia Sorento Ex Awd Oct 07
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 1997 Ford Mustang Coupe Base Oct 05
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2004 Ford Ranger Extended Cab ... Sep 09
    Moundsville, WV
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title

Here is what other cash for cars customers have said:

  • Brian's 2005 Honda Civic
    2005 Honda Civic

    "The vehicle has 155,000 miles on it. There are two pinhole windshield cracks which were filled by a shop. The engine rod broke, hence why the vehicle is able to start but is not drivable (that's also the reason why I'm junking it). I just paid off the title this morning, and I can provide the title upon receipt. I'm cleaning out the car this morning from its current location, and then it will be available for pick up. Would I need to be present for that?"

  • Ryan's 2000 Pontiac Grand Am
    2000 Pontiac Grand Am

    "The car was running fine, but it had an electrical issue with the headlights. The car has been sitting for a year, so the tires have become flat, and the car is not starting. "

  • Jessica's 2003 Chrysler Town & Country
    2003 Chrysler Town & Country

    "I bought a new car. This was my family van. It still runs well. It was hit by deer on both sides, and the front would need new panels over the wheel wells. It doesn't look the best, but it has never failed to get me around. I do have the title, the tires and vehicle are driveable, but the tags expired in February. Thank you."

  • Joseph's 2001 Ford Explorer Sport
    2001 Ford Explorer Sport

    "The vehicle's mileage is at 125,134 miles. It does run and start. The undercarriage has some rusting, and two tires are deflated due to being parked for the last month, but they can be aired up."

  • Perry's 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix
    1993 Pontiac Grand Prix

    "The driver-side door lock is jammed, and you have to open the door from the inside. The driver seat is broken, the sunroof doesn't work, and it leaks when it rains."

  • Jeff's 1993 BMW 325
    1993 BMW 325

    "I bought this car as a parts car to do a motor swap and just have nowhere to store it until I can do that. That is why there is no title, because the previous owner didn't have one, either. "

Ready to sell your junk car for cash in Moundsville, WV?