Junk cars for cash in Irving with free pickup.

  1. We pay cash for junk cars, trucks, SUVs, and more!
  2. We are Irving's top junk car removal specialists
  3. Junk car removal and towing is always included in your cash offer.

That old car isn’t doing you any good sitting in the driveway of your Irving, Texas home. Then again, finding someone to take it off your hands for a fair price is easier said than done. When you try and sell a junk car yourself, you’re at high risk of being scammed. Most average people don’t really know how much a junk car is worth, and auto salvage yards in Irving know that and use it against you. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. With The Clunker Junker, getting cash for cars in Irving is as easy as one, two, three.

We buy junk cars in Irving, TX and always try and pay top dollar for them. Because we buy so many cars we can work on very small margins, which means higher offers for you! The best part is that any time you use our Irving cash for junk cars service it includes free towing and removal. There are never any hidden fees or charges, and most vehicles can be picked up in just a few business days. Sometimes our junk car buyers in Irving can even pick up your car on the same day! Call (888) 383-4181 or use the form above to get an offer.

We buy more junk cars in Irving than anyone else

As busy as you surely are, finding time in the day to sell your junk car in Irving, Texas is no easy feat. The Clunker Junker connects you with legitimate local car buyers who will pay you cash for cars regardless of its condition. As long as the vehicle is complete, we will buy it and take it off your hands free of charge. Here are some of the types of cars we buy in Irving, TX:

  • Junk cars that are broken with minor to major mechanical issues like blown head gaskets and engines.
  • Vehicles that have been damaged, wrecked, or totaled in a car accident. For example, on Route 183.
  • Used cars that are still in good shape, but you need to sell it quickly. Maybe you’re moving or need a down payment fast.

You know how fast those horses look in The Mustangs of Las Colinas statue? Our process is at least as fast as that!

Why you should sell your junk car in Irving, TX to The Clunker Junker

Just as Irving developed as a rail link between Dallas and Fort Worth, The Clunker Junker acts as a link between junk car buyers and people who need to rid themselves of unneeded vehicles. A few additional advantages of our service include:

  • 100-percent payment guarantee. Every check written is fully guaranteed by The Clunker Junker.
  • Fast, safe, and easy. You won’t have to worry about unknown strangers coming to your home or work. We’re an accredited business with great reviews.
  • No hidden or surprise fees. The amount you accept over the phone or on our website is the amount you are paid. Period!
  • Our Irving cash for cars offers are competitive.
  • Every offer includes free towing even if your car still runs and drives.

Irving has a huge number of lakes, rivers, and canals and that means you may even be able to paddle board to work if you really wanted to! So if you don’t need your junk car anymore, contact The Clunker Junker today and get an instant offer. We pay cash for junk cars in Irving and make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Skip Online Classifieds for an Easier Transaction

Perhaps you’re thinking about listing your junk car on Craigslist or other online classifieds sites. Doing so requires a lot more personal time and effort, and there are no guarantees about how much money you will get for your car or how easy the process will go. Why put up with flaky buyers and nit-picky people when you can get cash for cars quickly and easily with The Clunker Junker?

Maybe you’re even thinking of selling your car to an Irving junk yard? Be careful. Many of these salvage yards don’t have very good business practices and many of them will try and pull common scams like a bait and switch, where they tell you they’ll pay a certain amount, and then show up with less hoping you will feel cornered and take the money anyway.

When selling a junk car to The Clunker Junker, you can be confident your offer will never change as long as the vehicle was described accurately in our questionnaire. We value honest, integrity, and transparency.

Cash for junk cars in Irving, TX: How It Works

Our streamlined process couldn’t be simpler because we’ve been buying cars in Irving for over a decade. We’ve learned a lot in that time, and even made some mistakes. But that has made our cash for junk cars service even better. Just follow these steps to transform that old clunker into cold, hard cash:

  1. Give us the scoop on your car. At the top of this page you’ll find a convenient online form to tell us about the car that you’d like to sell. Provide the precise make, model and year and describe its condition. We’ll also ask if you have the title, but don’t worry because we can sometimes even buy junk cars with no title in Irving. We cannot guarantee it in all cases, however.

  2. Receive an instant cash offer. After completing our vehicle submission form you’ll receive a cash offer for your junk car in seconds (in most cases). Click “Accept” to accept it. From there, one of our vetted local junk car buyers in Irving will contact you to arrange pickup.

  3. Get Paid at the time of pickup. Meet the Irving junk car removal specialist at the agreed upon time and location. They will briefly inspect the vehicle to confirm the details. After you hand them the keys and title, if applicable, they will hand you cash or a check. Now you can hit up Shin’s Donuts for a sausage roll or an apple fritter.

Given how simple our process is, it’s easy to assume that there’s some sort of catch. However, when we buy junk cars in Irving, we ask as little of our valued customers as possible. You will need the vehicle itself, of course, as well as the keys. You also typically need a title, but there are exceptions. Depending on where you are located and other factors, other documentation may suffice.

You’ll definitely want to let the state of Texas know that you have sold your junk car by completing a vehicle transfer notice. This is easy and can be done online through the TXDMV website. Might as well get rid of that insurance policy as well because you won’t need to pay that anymore either.

Finally, make sure to enjoy the money you received for your car. Grab some delicious steak at our favorite place, The Ranch at Las Colinas. I bet the kids would enjoy interacting with the animals at Fritz Park Petting Farm as well!

How much is your junk car worth in Irving?

The Clunker Junker pays cash for junk cars Irving regardless of the condition of the vehicle. For cars that are total junkers and probably can’t be fixed or resold, we pay based on the value of the car’s raw materials, typically anywhere from $100 to $300. If your car has usable and desirable parts on it, those may be stripped off and added to inventory.

For operable vehicles, we pay based on current Irving auto auction prices. The sky is the limit when we buy used cars like this, and we have paid over $15,000 for some. With the proceeds, you’ll be able to hit up every single festival around greater Irving, from the International Concert Series to the Holiday Extravaganza.

Request Cash for Cars in Irving TX Now

Thanks to The Clunker Junker, there’s no reason to hold off on selling that unneeded, junky old clunker. In fact, you will sell your car so quickly that you’ll feel ready to take on the world. Regardless of what you do after our junk car removal team leaves, you’ll be ahead of the game by finding a reliable junk car buyer so quickly. Go ahead and request your instant cash offer now!

If you prefer to get a quote over the phone, you can reach us at (888) 383-4181 during our normal business hours.

What is the value of my vehicle in Irving?

Today's average value for vehicles near Irving, Texas is around $286 with pickup included. If you have a full size truck like a Toyota Tundra or SUV such as a Chevy Suburban, the average value is at $357, but could be $243 for smaller and mid-size vehicles like a Toyota Corolla. Of course, your vehicle's exact value depends on a lot of factors:

  • The year, make, and model. If we can resell your vehicle at auction, it's worth more than junk values.
  • How big is the vehicle and how heavy is it? Junk pricing is often based on vehicle size .
  • Has the vehicle been in a wreck? Vehicles with usable parts are often worth more money.

Do you buy junk cars without title in Irving, TX?

We can sometimes buy junk cars with no title in Irving, TX but we cannot guarantee it in all cases. It may depend on a number of different factors, such as the age of the vehicle and the exact location. Ultimately it is up to our local junk car buyers. If we can pay cash for your junk car with no title you will need to have a photo ID matching a valid regsitration to prove ownership. Also note that offers for cars with no title may be significantly lower!

If needed, the legal owner of the car should be able to easily obtain a replacement title through your local Irving, TX DMV as seen below. Most states require a small fee for replacement and turnaround time can be anywhere from instantly to a couple of weeks:

Your Irving DMV

1003 W. Sixth St.
Irving, Texas, 75060
Tel: 972-253-4171

Irving DMV map

How long does it take to tow away my vehicle?

We can often pick up the majority of vehicles in Irving within 1 to 3 business days. However, your local buyer or carrier takes care of all their own scheduling, so we can't ever fully guarantee a specific time or day for pickup on the buyer's behalf. Same day pickups are sometimes possible, but never guaranteed.

Do you pay cash or check at pickup time?

Whether you are paid by check or cash depends on the policies of the buyer near you who places an offer on your vehicle. While many of our buyers do pay cash for cars, some have moved to check for the safety of tow drivers and better record keeping. If you are paid by check, keep in mind that The Clunker Junker fully guarantees every payment and will pay you the full amount if there are any issues with the local buyer!

Recent Junk And Used Cars Sold In Irving, TX

Recent vehicles sold in Irving, TX
The most recent junk car we have made an instant cash offer on near Irving, Texas was Christina's 1999 Chevrolet Express Extended Length Passenger G2500 (gas) in 75061. This Express Extended Length Passenger does not start with approximately 223,000 miles on the odometer and has a clear title, four inflated tires, and has no damage to any lights or glass. We offered Christina $520.00 for their Express Extended Length Passenger with free pickup and tow away! Find out how much cash we'll pay for your vehicle!
  • 2008 Toyota Corolla S Sep 28
    Irving, TX
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Engine Starts
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Salvage Title
  • 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan Tdi Sep 28
    Irving, TX
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Salvage Title
  • 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Regular Ca... Sep 28
    Irving, TX
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-times icon No Title
  • 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Regular Ca... Sep 28
    Irving, TX
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-times icon No Title
  • 2013 Mazda 3 Sedan I Sv Sep 26
    Irving, TX
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Salvage Title
  • 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lared... Sep 26
    Irving, TX
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Base Sep 26
    Irving, TX
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title

Here is what other cash for cars customers have said:

  • Katy's 1997 Toyota Camry
    1997 Toyota Camry

    "It ran last time I tried to start it which was over a month ago, so it might need a jump before it will start. It was in an accident which wasn't too bad, but the steering seemed pretty off when I drove it around the block after the accident. There's some damage to the front right side."

  • John's 2001 Buick Park Avenue
    2001 Buick Park Avenue

    "There are some rust stains from the apartment carport on the back of the truck. I've had the cooling system, the starter, the tires and the suspension all done within the past 12 months. The engine died again, and I don't see the point of putting any more cash into it. When it broke down last, we parked it at a restaurant and called for a tow. When we received the car back, some of my papers were missing, and among them was the title. "

  • Kyle's 1997 Saturn SC2
    1997 Saturn SC2

    "The ignition switch and wire in the steering column melted. Otherwise, it runs fine. The engine and transmission work as intended, and it recently had a new radiator installed."

  • Babette's 1991 Dodge Spirit
    1991 Dodge Spirit

    "There was a fire in the engine compartment. The car was running perfectly fine before that. All of the plastic including the battery melted. Everything else in the car is fine. The hood was damaged by the fire department putting out the fire. "

  • Thomas's 2006 Volvo XC90
    2006 Volvo XC90

    "The vehicle is in great condition. It's a beautiful pearly white color. The engine just stopped working. The check engine light is on. Jump starting it doesn't work. The issue is not the battery."

  • John's 1992 Toyota Cressida
    1992 Toyota Cressida

    "The transmission is going out, the heater core leaks, the sunroof does not work. It's leaking oil from the front main bearing, and the engine has been replaced and has about 80,000 miles on it. "

Ready to sell your junk car for cash in Irving, TX?