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We don’t expect our cars to last forever, but when your car smokes more than the Smokey Mountains, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. Tennessee might be known as “The Volunteer State” but you don’t want someone to volunteer to take your car away. You want them to pay you! Before you resign yourself to a Craigslist ad, check us out at Clunker Junker instead. We pay cash for cars in Tennessee and pick them up completely free of charge!

When it comes to doing things well, Tennesseans know all about that. They do BBQ so well, they’ve got an entire BBQ style named after them. People come from all over the country just to try some Tennessee style pulled pork. They won’t however come from all over the country to check out your car. Whether your car is no longer looking fantastic or it’s met the same fiery death as Elvis Presley’s first pink Cadillac, you can let us do what we do well, and get you cash for your car in Tennessee.

Anywhere from Music Row to Smokey Mountains National Park, The Clunker Junker is there to get you cash for your car in Tennessee. Plus, we’ll do it faster than you can sing your favorite Dolly Parton song. Just follow our steps below, and you’ll be moments away from getting an instant cash offer. As our favorite former Tennessee resident would say, “Thank you very much!”.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Junk Car in Tennessee

Whether you’re in Nashville, Knoxville, or Memphis, The Clunker Junker will buy your car and take it off your hands. It’s easy to sell your car in Tennessee following these three steps. These processes are a surefire way that you’ll get top dollar for your car without any extra effort on your end.

  1. Tell Us What Kind Of Car You Have
    To get started, go to our website and fill out our easy form. We'll ask for your make, model, year, and the condition that your vehicle is in. If you don't have a title, no worries! We pay cash for cars with no title needed in many cases. However, we can't buy every car without title so let us know first.
  2. Get An Instant Estimate
    Other Tennessee junk car buyers just can't compare to the Clunker Junker, we give you a cash offer instantly. We work with some of the best professional junk car buyers that will guarantee the most cash for your car in Tennessee.
  3. Free Towing And Pick-up
    Our convenient pick-up service is free and flexible to your schedule needs. At the office? Home? At a friend's house? Let us know and our car removal specialist will arrive to pick it up! All you need to do is exchange your keys, signed title and vehicle for a payment of cash or check. After that, you can sit back and relax while we do the rest, making us the best in Tennessee for junk car removal.

Cash for cars in Tennessee, you say? How much will I get?

We offer to buy your car for cash, and each car will have a different value. To best decide what your car may be worth, check out these three groups. Which one does your car fit into?

1. The Ugly

These are the cars that are worth their weight in scrap metal and nothing more. That’s right, these junk cars are crushed and sold to auto salvage yards, price is dependent on size and weight, but you’ll usually see anywhere from $50 to $225 for vehicles in this category.

2. The Bad

These aren’t in the worst condition, but they’re not the best. Useful parts will be salvaged before the rest of the body is crushed for scrap at the junkyard. We pay better rates for these vehicles.

3. The Good

Even though they’re not junked, we’ll still buy them! Nice cars that run well, stay in good condition and price well at auction will get better price ranges. Expect up to $15,000 for vehicles like this. You won’t find that kind of pricing at a junkyard.

How to sign your Tennessee car title

We have put together a simple guide and example for how to sign your Tennessee title when you are selling your vehicle. If there are multiple owners listed on the title, they must all sign the title unless the names are separated with "OR".

  1. When signing your Tennessee title, look for the section that says "Assignment of title by registered owner". This is where you'll want to sign and print. Ignore any section that says "licensed dealer", you won't be needing those.
  2. First sign and address the back of the title where indicated by "Signature and address of seller(s)"
    Always sign in pen on the seller line and never sign in the dealer section.
  3. Print (don't sign) your name on the back of the title, where it reads "Seller(s) name (hand print)".
    Always include any and all middle names or initials that are used in the owner section.
Front of Tennessee title
Front of Tennessee Title
Back of Tennessee title
Back of Tennessee Title

How to get a duplicate Tennessee title

The process for getting a duplicate or replacement Tennessee title is fairly simple. If the vehicle was last titled in a state other than Tennessee you must apply for a duplicate title in the previous state. The registered owner should do the following:

  1. Fill out the Tennessee Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title.
  2. Bring your duplicate title application to your local county clerk's office, or mail your application and processing fee to your local county clerk's office..
  3. Please note that there may be a waiting period before a duplicate title can be issued, and the cost is $11.00. (Paid to the TN department of revenue).

How to get rid of an abandoned vehicle in Tennessee

Getting rid of an abandoned vehicle in Tennessee can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, you cannot just sell any junk car that ends up on your property if you do not own it. You'll need to follow the Tennessee abandoned vehicle removal procedures. We have given a general overview of what that entails below.

You can read more about selling an abandoned vehicle in Tennessee

  1. To have an abandoned vehicle removed from your private property, you must first contact your local law enforcement agency.
  2. You may not apply for the title to the abandoned vehicle. If no previously registered owner and/or lienholder shows interest in the vehicle after a (25) twenty-five day hold, the vehicle may be sold by the storage facility housing the abandoned vehicle.

Common questions asked in TN

Can you buy vehicles in Tennessee without title?

Yup! We buy cars without title every day. We can’t buy every car without title, but our buyers are usually pretty flexible. You will need to prove you own the vehicle by presenting a photo ID that matches your valid insurance and or registration. Your offer may also be much lower without title than with.

What if my title doesn’t look like the one pictured?

Tennessee often changes their title documents from year to year. If you have questions about your specific title, please contact your Tennessee clerk’s office.

Do I need to turn in my license plates?

Yes, unless you are transferring the plates to a new vehicle. You can return the plates to your local county clerk’s office.

What should I do about my auto insurance?

You will need to notify your auto insurance company that you have sold the vehicle, so they can either cancel your policy if the vehicle was sold, or transfer/renew the policy on your new vehicle.

Is there anything else I need to do?

You may need to notify your local county clerk that you have sold the vehicle. You can contact them with any additional questions or concerns about the transfer of your title

We buy cars in Tennessee and provide a Stress-Free Service!

The Clunker Junker’s service offers the best instant price estimations, free towing, and great customer service that will have you singing like you’re in Nashville. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge that you can get cash for your car in Tennessee, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take control and get your free quote today!

  • Anthony's 1999 Ford Contour
    1999 Ford Contour

    "I bought the car from a friend who bought it from an auction. Since I got it, I've had transmission problems. It's drivable to a certain extent but needs work. The only panel missing on the outside is the bumper. The person I bought it from lost the title but understands why I'm junking it. The deck player is gone, and there's a little rust to the emergency brake gear."

  • Randohn's 1996 Honda Civic
    1996 Honda Civic

    "Please call me about the title. Two of the five blocks are filled out by a would-be purchaser from September of 2015 which is my ex-girlfriend. She totaled the car without legally transferring the title. It sits in my yard, and I want it gone."

  • Kiaira's 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe
    2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

    "My mother lives in another state and will fax over her license. I was driving the vehicle, but it's in her name, and we need to junk it due to me moving from this house. We are looking to junk it for cash this week. "

  • Robert's 2001 Volkswagen New Beetle
    2001 Volkswagen New Beetle

    "The vehicle just won't start. It ran great one day, and the next morning it wouldn't start. I cant get the title yet. It is registered to me. I need some cash for an emergency. Please help. "

  • Marcus's 1999 Ford Taurus
    1999 Ford Taurus

    "The vehicle's heads might be gone on the motor, or it may be the head gasket. I'm not sure what it is. I just don't want to put any more cash into it. The transmission still works. Everything is still in the car except for the radio. It's still a full car."

  • Ashley's 2000 Ford Focus
    2000 Ford Focus

    "I believe the transmission is going out, or it's just the oil leak that's making it sputter. It just got new brakes and wheel bearings, and the front chassis were replaced as well. I just need a new car. "

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