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North Dakota might just be the most underrated state in the USA. It currently ranks at the top of the list as one of the happiest states and one of the best places to live. Thanks to its booming oil industry, North Dakota also tops the list for number of millionaires per capita! Maybe you haven’t struck oil just yet, but we can put a little extra cash in your pocket anyway. That’s because The Clunker Junker pays cash for cars in North Dakota, and we will also pick up the car completely free of charge. If you have an old clunker rotting away in your driveway, give us a call. We make it incredibly easy to sell your car in North Dakota.

Have you ever heard of the Enchanted Highway, which leads in an out of the town of Regent? There are seven amazing sculptures on the road, all made out of scrap metal. Artist Gary Greff has found a way to turn things like cars into incredible art pieces. Often, when we pay cash for cars in North Dakota, those cars end up in an auto salvage yard. The raw materials from your car can be reused and recycled into everything from art to new cars. Selling your car is good not only for the Earth, but good for your wallet as well!

We buy cars in North Dakota, as well as trucks, vans, SUVs and more. When you sell your car to us, you can be absolutely sure you’re working with the best junk car buyer in the state, and we have the reputation to back that up. Check out our reviews and see for yourself. Many of our competitors intentionally make it difficult to research them, but we do not hide. In fact, we are extremely proud of the service we provide and how much our customers in North Dakota love us. From Fargo to Bismark and beyond, let us buy your junk car today.

Check out how easy we make it to get cash for cars in North Dakota

We’ve been buying cars in The Peace Garden State for over a decade. In that time, we have learned from our customers what they really want. They want top dollar for their car, and they want it picked up as quickly as possible. We’ve streamlined our process in such a way that we can pay cash for cars in North Dakota in around three business days or less in most cases. Here’s how it works:

We Buy Junk Cars in ND and Pick them Up ASAP

Towing away cars and paying you cash on the spot is our specialty. So, want to get rid of your junker for good ol’ cash in ND? Reach out to The Clunker Junker today, accept our cash offer, and finally free up your garage and put money in your pocket!

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North Dakota Cash For Cars By The Numbers

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Eric Mitz

Eric's Expert Take

Eric is our founder and CEO and has nearly 15 years of experience buying and selling used and junk cars in the state of North Dakota. He is also a data nerd with a finger on the pulse of the cash for cars industry and salvage vehicle values.

Hello, Eric from The Clunker Junker here. I was taking a look at the recent data from North Dakota, and I can say that the average price we’ve offered for vehicles in the region is around $347. If we delve deeper, offers for smaller vehicles such as compact cars or sedans are slightly lower, averaging at about $255 - think models like Honda Accord or the Toyota Corolla. On the other hand, pickup trucks command the highest average offers at around $531. In the pickup segment, models like GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado are in frequent rotation. SUVs and crossovers are placed comfortably in the middle, with average payouts coming at about $437. For example, we recently bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Ford Explorer, both fitting in with these numbers.

Switching gears a bit, let’s talk about our recent purchases. The Clunker Junker has successfully procured close to 849 vehicles in the recent past, which has led to an impressive payout exceeding 300,000 dollars! The belle of the ball in North Dakota has been the Ford F-150, a sturdy and reliable pickup truck. However, like all vehicles, it has its own set of common issues. These problems can range from brake and rotor wear to transmission failures, which is why sometimes it’s a more financially sound choice to sell the truck, rather than pouring money into repairs.

Now, let’s discuss the “cash for cars” market in North Dakota. The current trends indicate a stable market, with the prices varying only slightly by a tiny margin of -3.0% each month. According to my data from the same time last year, such a trend continued to remain almost constant. Hopefully, this indicates that the prices should remain steady for the foreseeable future. This could be an opportune time to sell your vehicle, considering the market stability. I would also recommend keeping an eye on this space, as I will continue to keep you updated as the market fluctuates or other significant trends emerge.

How to sign your North Dakota car title

We have put together a simple guide and example for how to sign your North Dakota title when you are selling your vehicle. If there are multiple owners listed on the title, they must all sign the title unless the names are separated with "OR".

  1. On the front of your North Dakota title is a section that says "Assignment and warranty of title". This is the section where you will want to sign and print your name. Make sure to leave the buyer/transferee lines blank, and don't write anything on the back in the dealer reassignment sections.
  2. First sign the back of the title where indicated by "Signature of Seller/Transferor" (see image).
    Always sign in pen on the seller line, and never sign in the dealer section.
  3. Print (don't sign) your name on the back of the title, where it reads "Hand Printed Name(s) of Seller(s)".
    Always include any and all middle names or initials that are used in the owner section.
Front of North Dakota title
Front of North Dakota Title
Back of North Dakota title
Back of North Dakota Title

How to get a duplicate North Dakota title

The process for getting a duplicate or replacement North Dakota title is fairly simple. If the vehicle was last titled in a state other than North Dakota you must apply for a duplicate title in the previous state. The registered owner should do the following:

  1. Complete the SFN 2872 Application for Certificate of Title and Registration.
  2. Complete a lien release if needed.
  3. Bring your completed duplicate title application to the DOT office (except Williston).
  4. Please note that there may be a 1 to 2-week waiting period before a duplicate title can be issued, and the cost is $5.00. (Paid to the ND Department of Transportation).

How to get rid of an abandoned vehicle in North Dakota

Getting rid of an abandoned vehicle in North Dakota can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, you cannot just sell any junk car that ends up on your property if you do not own it. You'll need to follow the North Dakota abandoned vehicle removal procedures. We have given a general overview of what that entails below.

You can read more about selling an abandoned vehicle in North Dakota

  1. To have an abandoned vehicle removed from your private property, you must first contact your local law enforcement office.
    If the vehicle is missing vital interior components, more than (7) seven years old, and does not display valid license plates, the vehicle will be immediately disposed of. If the vehicle does not meet all (3) three requirements, law enforcement will attempt to locate and contact the last registered owner and/or lienholder.
  2. If the last registered owner and/or lienholder have failed to respond or certified mail has returned undeliverable, the vehicle will be sold at public auction.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy vehicles without a title in North Dakota?

As much as we’d love to, we can’t. Our buyers in North Dakota do not currently buy without title. However, if you need help getting a duplicate title, The Clunker Junker would be happy to help! Once a replacement title is received, we could then buy your car.

What if my title doesn’t look like the one pictured?

North Dakota often changes their title documents from year to year. If you have questions about your specific title, please contact your North Dakota DVS.

Do I need to turn in my license plates?

Yes, unless you are transferring the plates to a new vehicle. You can return the plates to your local DVS office.

What should I do about my auto insurance?

You will need to notify your auto insurance company that you have sold the vehicle, so they can either cancel your policy if the vehicle was sold, or transfer/renew the policy on your new vehicle.

Is there anything else I need to do?

You may need to notify your local DVS that you have sold the vehicle. You can contact them with any additional questions or concerns about the transfer of your title.

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