Want to sell your junk car for cash in Michigan? The Clunker Junker can help.

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The state of Michigan has everything from pristine natural landscapes like the Huron-Manistee National Forests to thriving urban cities such as Detroit. Weather can be everything from absolutely perfect, to so cold you feel like you’re on another planet. These extremes can wreak havoc on your car, and it can only hit so many potholes before it gives up on life. Luckily, The Clunker Junker pays cash for cars in Michigan regardless of what condition they are in. We’ll even send out a tow truck to your location to pick up the vehicle up, and that service is included in all of our offers!

Michigan is and always has been the heart of the American automotive industry. The “big three” automakers, Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler, all call Michigan home. Generations of Michiganders have built their family legacies with hard work building solid, American cars and trucks. So it’s no surprise that Michigan residents have a strong affinity for their automobiles. When they are ready to sell a car, they turn to The Clunker Junker. We buy cars in Michigan, and pay top dollar for them. We are car people too, and we know that in many cases cars become more than just a machine. They become a part of our family. If you need cash for junk cars in Michigan, only deal with the best: The Clunker Junker!

Michigan has great lakes, and The Clunker Junker has great offers and great service! We’ve spent the last decade buying cars and have learned what our customers really want:

  1. They want top dollar for junk cars.
  2. They want the fastest pickups. Ours are usually between 1 and 3 days.
  3. They want friendly and professional service. Our customer service is second to none in the industry.

How to get cash for cars in Michigan

Selling your car in MI used to require posting flyers, taking out space in the newspaper, or placing ads online. But now all you have to do is contact us or visit our website.

  1. 1. Tell Us About the Car You Need Removed

    We buy junk cars in Michigan and we'll need a few details about your vehicle, we can give you a fair, and instant, cash offer. Michigan car removal starts with the important information on your car. We need to know the year, make, model and current condition of your vehicle. With this information you can get an instant offer.

  2. 2. Accept Our Instant Cash Offer Today

    You don’t want your old beater Chevy, or a dead Ford sitting in the driveway forever. Sell your car in Michigan and get top dollar when you accept our instant cash offer. Once you do, our awesome car removal team will reach out to schedule pickup.

  3. 3. We Come to You

    After accepting an instant offer from The Clunker Junker, we’ll schedule to pick up your vehicle. Our background checked and professional Michigan car buyer will arrive to take the car and pay you cash on the spot. There aren’t any towing fees, and our drivers usually pick up cars within about 3 days or less.

How much will I get if I sell my car in Michigan?

We work to connect out-of-commission vehicles with auto salvage yards and Michigan car buyers. Because we network with these resources, we can get you top dollar for your old car.

Old and Beaten

Age and condition have the most impact in deciding how much your car is worth. This category of cars include the vehicles that are rotted, unable to run, and don’t have any usable parts. These cars are still worth something even if they’re only used for scrap metal. We can often pay between $150 and $300 for these vehicles.

Moderately Damaged

Many people find themselves with a car that will cost them more in repairs than the car is worth. junkyards purchase these cars for their parts or salvage for scrap. Nearly 75% of these cars are reusable or have recyclable pieces. We pay top dollar for cars, even if they don’t run and have body damage.

Used, Not Junk

Cash for junk cars in Michigan isn’t limited to cars that are no longer drivable. You might have forgotten about that Toyota Camry in your garage that needs work. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s useless. The right buyer may be able to put your car back on the road or use it for other repairs.

How to sign your Michigan car title

We have put together a simple guide and example for how to sign your Michigan title when you are selling your vehicle. If there are multiple owners listed on the title, they must all sign the title unless the names are separated with "OR".

  1. Make sure you use the front of your Michigan title when signing. You need to use the section called "Title assignment by seller". Don't write anything in the Michigan dealer sections on the back!
  2. First sign the front of the title where indicated by "Signature of Seller(s)".
    Always sign in pen on the seller line, and never sign in the dealer section.
  3. Print (don't sign) your name on the front of the title, where it reads "Printed Name of Seller(s)".
    Always include any and all middle names or initials that are used in the owner section.
Front of Michigan title
Front of Michigan Title
Back of Michigan title
Back of Michigan Title

How to get a duplicate Michigan title

The process for getting a duplicate or replacement Michigan title is fairly simple. If the vehicle was last titled in a state other than Michigan you must apply for a duplicate title in the previous state. The registered owner should do the following:

  1. Complete the Michigan ExpressSOS duplicate title application.
  2. Or, fill out the Michigan Application for Vehicle Title form.
  3. Bring your complete application to your local Secretary of State branch.
  4. Please note that there is a 7 to 10 day waiting period before a duplicate title can be issued, and the cost is $15.00. You can request expedited service for an additional $5.00.

How to get rid of an abandoned vehicle in Michigan

Getting rid of an abandoned vehicle in Michigan can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, you cannot just sell any junk car that ends up on your property if you do not own it. You'll need to follow the Michigan abandoned vehicle removal procedures. We have given a general overview of what that entails below.

You can read more about selling an abandoned vehicle in Michigan

  1. Attempt to locate the legal owner of the vehicle using the VIN 17-digit number.
  2. To have an abandoned vehicle removed from your private property, you must first contact your local law enforcement agency.
  3. Once the vehicle has been removed, the registered owner and/or lienholder have (20) twenty days to show interest in the vehicle after sending a notice via certified mail.
    If no owner/lienholder show interest in the vehicle, it will be sold at public auction.

Frequently asked questions about selling a car in Michigan

I don’t have my title, can you still buy my car in Michigan?

Yes! In some cases, we can purchase vehicles with no title in some cases. However, our no title offers are often significantly lower than offers with title. You’ll also be asked to prove that you own the vehicle. The buyer may ask for a photo ID that matches a current, non-expired registration. We do not guarantee purchase of any vehicle without a title.

What if my title doesn’t look like the one pictured?

Michigan often changes their title documents from year to year. If you have questions about your specific title, please contact your Michigan SoS.

Do I need to turn in my license plates?

Yes, unless you are transferring the plates to a new vehicle. You can return the plates to your local SoS office.

What should I do about my auto insurance?

You will need to notify your auto insurance company that you have sold the vehicle, so they can either cancel your policy if the vehicle was sold, or transfer/renew the policy on your new vehicle.

Is there anything else I need to do?

You may need to notify your local SoS that you have sold the vehicle. You can contact them with any additional questions or concerns about the transfer of your title.

Fast and Free Junk Car Removal in Michigan

The Clunker Junker vehicle removal service works fast. We pick up your car as soon as possible, and always pay cash when you accept our offers. Visit our website today to see what you could get for having your car towed away.

  • Christopher's 1992 Honda Accord
    1992 Honda Accord

    "The car's right front headlight is busted out, and the hood is a little bent on that side. The car does run and drive, but it dropped a rod and is only running on three cylinders. "

  • Kyle's 1993 Lexus ES
    1993 Lexus ES

    "The power steering pump is bad, and little things like the driver-side door doesn't open from the inside nor does the power window work for the driver side. Basically, I want to junk it to put the cash towards another vehicle instead of dumping more cash into it."

  • Markis's 2006 Toyota Corolla
    2006 Toyota Corolla

    "The car was in a front-end collision, the radiator leaks, and it has not been started in nine months. There's possible frame damage to the front, and the front doors do not open all the way. "

  • Toni's 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    "I do not have the key, but I am searching for it. The passenger rear window is broken out, and the front bumper is off. The driver-side door panel is off but here, as the window is off of the track. It has relatively new tires and rims. "

  • Nick's 1998 Mitsubishi 3000 GT
    1998 Mitsubishi 3000 GT

    "The vehicle was running as of the 1st of March. The alternator is bad, the clutch has a slow leak, and the right front tire is flat. The interior has normal wear and tear except for the driver seat which has a rip in the side. The tags expired at the end of January. "

  • Joyce's 1998 Mercury Mystique
    1998 Mercury Mystique

    "The body has no large dents or rust, but it does have scrapes that could be fixed. One headlamp is broken. The leather interior is clean and in good condition, and there are no rips. The vehicle has four new 50,000-mile, all-weather tires that were purchased 17,000 miles ago."

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