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Do you like your old junk car sitting around and taking up space more than you like money? Of course not! We have good news: We are paying cash for cars in Ottawa, KS. We know, it already sounds too good to be true, but we don’t stop there. We will also pick up your junk car and tow it away completely free of charge! We buy junk cars and make the process fast and simple so you can get your cash and get that old clunker out of your garage or driveway as quickly as possible. How fast? Well, we never guarantee a specific time frame for pickup but most people are able to sell their junk car in Ottawa, KS in 48 hours or less.

How does our Ottawa, KS cash for junk cars service work?

To put it simply: We exchange cash for cars whether they are in good shape, broken, wrecked, or rusted; and we want to buy your junk car in Ottawa, KS right now. If you can use a computer or mobile device, you can navigate the steps we need you to take to sell us your car. Since you’re already here reading this, we think it’s safe to assume you can use a computer!

  1. Give us details about your junk car. Start by giving us some basic details about the car you are looking to sell for cash. If you can provide us with the car’s year, make, and model, then you’re on the right track. Then, provide the zip code in Ottawa where the vehicle is located, title information, and an honest description of your vehicle’s condition. If your junker is truly a piece of junk, now is the time to give us all the details and don’t skimp on anything!

  2. Check out your instant offer. In most cases you’ll receive an instant cash offer for your junk car right on our website. No waiting around for John at the Ottawa salvage yard to call you back at some later time. It is up to you to accept our offer if you like what you see. We will need some more details if you do, like where we can pick up your junker at and who we are paying. We will also need to verify that you are actually the legal owner of the car.

  3. Pickup and payment. Here’s our favorite part: Our local Ottawa, KS junk car buyer will arrive on time, check out our vehicle, and pay you cash or check right on the spot. The junk car removal agent will exchange payment for your keys and title (if required), then tow that old clunker away. Out of sight and out of mind!

It just doesn’t get easier than that to get cash for junk cars in Ottawa, KS. You can feel free to check out our how it works page at the top for more details on how to sell your junk car to The Clunker Junker.

What you will need when you sell your junk car in Ottawa, KS

When you sell your junk car in Ottawa, KS you will need the keys, the title (if applicable), and the actual vehicle itself. If you are looking for cash for your junk car with no title, let us know. While we can’t guarantee anything we can sometimes buy vehicles with just a registration and photo Id. After we provide your junk car removal, you may need to notify the DMV and cancel your registration and insurance. But don’t worry about how to pay for the towing. We offer free towing with no hidden costs or fees for you to lose sleep over. We buy junk cars in Ottawa and we are not in the business of trying to gouge you out of your money.

We buy more junk cars in Ottawa, KS than anyone else.

We know that you have many options when it comes to finding a junk car buyer in Ottawa. Friends and family may have suggested that you try to sell that old clunker on Craigslist, but selling your car privately on the internet can lead to a multitude of problems. Using this method, you could get ripped off easily and you may not know what your car is worth to know if you are getting a fair price or not. Private junk car buyers are notoriously unreliable and it’s usually a waste of time trying to find a legitimate one.

Plus, you don’t want to run into another Craigslist killer again, do you? Just kidding…mostly.

Auctions are also an unnecessary hassle to try and get cash for cars, due to the unpredictable nature of the auctioning process. You may have even thought of taking your car to a local Ottawa junkyard. While this is many people’s first thought, a lot of these common junkyards have very poor business practices and people are easily susceptible to getting scammed by them. For instance, they may make you a guaranteed offer over the phone, and then when you have the vehicle towed to them they’ll make up some excuse to change it. What are you going to do? You just spent your money getting the car there, so they have the upper hand.

Don’t get scammed! We have an excellent reputation as a junk car buyer and we can offer real cash for junk cars in Ottawa, KS.

So don’t leave that old junker sitting around to take up space you could be using for other things. And don’t continue to pay insurance and registration fees year after year on a car that you may not even be driving at all anymore. We buy junk cars and we want to buy yours. Visit our website today to fill out the necessary information and get your quote. Who knows? You may like it and decide to accept the offer! You’ll never know if you never try, right?

If you prefer to get a quote over the phone, you can reach us at (888) 383-4181 during our normal business hours.

How much is my car worth in Ottawa?

Today's average offer for vehicles in Ottawa, Kansas is $251 with pickup included. If you have a full size truck like a GMC Sierra or SUV such as a Nissan Armada, the average value is a bit more at $313, but is only $213 for small and mid-size vehicles like a Dodge Charger. Obviously, your vehicle's real value depends on various factors:

  • The year, make, and model. If we can resell the vehicle at auction, it's worth more than junk values.
  • What size is the vehicle and how heavy is it? Junk pricing is often based on vehicle size .
  • What condition is the vehicle in? Vehicles with usable parts are sometimes worth more money.

We don't buy cars in Ottawa, KS with no title

Unfortunately we cannot usually buy vehicles with no title in Ottawa, KS. Sorry about this! Kansas has very strict laws around vehicle ownership and we are at the mercy of following those regulations. You would need to obtain a replacemnt or duplicate title from your local DMV (see below). Once you have your title in hand we'll be happy to buy your junk car!

If needed, the legal owner of the car should be able to easily obtain a replacement title through your local Ottawa, KS DMV as seen below. Most states require a small fee for replacement and turnaround time can be anywhere from instantly to a couple of weeks:

Your Ottawa DMV

225 S. Walnut St., Suite 101
Ottawa, Kansas, 66067
Tel: 785-242-1276

Ottawa DMV map

How long does the process take?

We can pick up most vehicles in Ottawa within 1 to 3 business days. Note, however, that your local carrier or buyer handles all their own pick up scheduling, so we can't ever fully guarantee a specific pickup window on their behalf. Same day pickups are sometimes possible, but never guaranteed.

What form of payment will be made, cash or check?

Whether you are paid by cash or check depends on the requirements of the local buyer who places an offer on your vehicle. While many of our buyers do pay cash for cars, many have started using checks for the safety of truck drivers and better book keeping. If you are paid by business check, don't forget that The Clunker Junker fully backs up all payments and will pay you in full if there are any issues with the local buyer!

Recent Junk And Used Cars Sold In Ottawa, KS

Recent vehicles sold in Ottawa, KS
The most recent junk car we have made an instant cash offer on near Ottawa, Kansas was Misti Zoom's 1999 Chrysler Town and Country Extended Length Passenger LX FWD (gas) in 66067. This Town and Country Extended Length Passenger starts and drives with approximately 126,000 miles on the odometer and has a salvage or rebuilt title, four inflated tires, and has damaged windows, mirrors, or lights. We offered Misti Zoom a fair amount for their Town and Country Extended Length Passenger with free pickup and tow away! Find out how much cash we'll pay for your vehicle!
  • 1999 Subaru Legacy Sedan Limit... Sep 27
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 1999 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab... Sep 19
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Ls 4 Wd (... Aug 17
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Engine Starts
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 1999 Toyota Camry Ce Jul 31
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 1999 Toyota Camry Le V6 Jul 30
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2005 Ford F 150 Crew Cab Xlt Rwd Jul 22
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2009 Dodge Journey Se Jul 20
    Ottawa, KS
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title

Here is what other cash for cars customers have said:

  • Marcella's 1972 Mercedes-Benz 250
    1972 Mercedes-Benz 250

    "The car has been sitting for about 8 years in my parents back yard. I just want to clean up the back yard. I also have two boats, a motor home, a 1986 Mercedes ,a 1978 Buick Regal, 1966 Rivera, a 1987 Star Craft van, a 1991 GMC van, and a 1977 Cadillac Seville."

  • Gina's 2001 Mitsubishi Galant
    2001 Mitsubishi Galant

    "Car is drivable with a new radiator and battery. The front bumper is off, but I still have it. It has dents and a hole in it. Interior of the car is great, very clean, no smoke or stains."

  • Seth's 2001 Infiniti QX4
    2001 Infiniti QX4

    "The front bumper, radiator support, grille, and hood are damaged from an accident. Side panels are fine. Interior is fully loaded with leather. The engine runs strong still, but battery is dead. 208K miles, all highway. "

  • Kay's 1989 Saab 900
    1989 Saab 900

    "It starts and runs but sometimes shuts off when going long distances. I do not have the time nor want to spend the money to fix it. Just put a brand new clutch system in it."

  • Dustin's 2002 Saturn SL1
    2002 Saturn SL1

    "It's in fair condition. The body has no dents, but does have a scrape on the right side. The front bumper is held on with safety wiring. There's no radio but other than that all the gauges and lights work. The car runs and drives. The exhaust may have a hole in it. It runs rich, there's an oil leak on the rocker cover and in the oil pan. It has a new radiator that was installed 2-3 years ago and a new water pump that was installed last year. Its the base model so it has no power locks or Windows. It was rained in last summer from forgetting the sunroof open but there's no visible damage or smell."

  • Dan's 1996 Ford Ranger
    1996 Ford Ranger

    "The transmission was just rebuilt less than 10K miles ago. The top of the engine is disassembled because of a cracked head. Newer front tires with less than 15K miles. "

Ready to sell your junk car for cash in Ottawa, KS?