Junk cars for cash in Richmond with free pickup.

Are you looking for the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of an old car? Then you are in luck. We pay cash for cars in Richmond, IN and there’s no charge to use our service. If you are like many other people who have a pile of sitting in your driveway or taking up valuable space in the garage, you may want nothing more than to have someone make that car disappear. If your vehicle is in poor shape or if it will not even turn on, the vehicle may not be worth a dime to you.

We make getting cash for your car in Richmond easy and hassle-free

The thought of getting cash for your car in Richmond, IN may not have even crossed your mind until now. However, at The Clunker Junker, we understand that even the most rundown car is worth something. Some Richmond, IN car buyers are happy to haul your old car away for a fee. We take it an extra step and pay you cash. Now that you know that we are willing to give you cash for cars like yours, why would you spend another minute thinking about paying your hard-earned money to get rid of it?

We buy cars in Richmond, IN and pay cash on the spot

At The Clunker Junker, we buy junk cars in Richmond, IN. You may initially think that we are only interested in buying cars that look nice, that could be collector’s items or that at least turn on, but this is not the case. While we will certainly buy used cars that are in good working order, and pay up to 20X more than a junkyard would for them, we buy cars in all sorts of poor and non-running conditions. We are a full service car buyer that is ready to make you an instant cash offer today.

We are the Richmond, IN junk car buyer that will give you cash for cars and remove them for free. That means free junk car removal. No having to pay a tow truck to haul that junk car away. We have designed our buying process with ease and simplicity in mind. It begins when you take a few minutes out of your busy day to request a quote. It’s really simple, just provide us some basic information about your car such as the year, make, model and condition. Then TADA! Instant cash offer.

If you like what you see, click accept. Then, one of our Richmond, IN car buyers will contact you to schedule a pickup time. Sometimes they can get your junk car picked up the same day. Other times it might take a day or two, we can never guarantee a specific time frame for pickup. The appointment can be scheduled around your life so that you can sell your car in the most convenient manner possible. Once the car buyer arrives at your vehicle, they will do a quick inspection of the car to ensure that it meets all the criteria that you have presented to us. If it does, they will simply place the money in your hand and take the car and keys from you. If the car’s engine will not start or if the vehicle is not safe to drive, they will be ready to tow it away. Rest assured that we will not charge you a fee for towing.

Got all that? Here’s a breakdown of how to sell your car:

  1. Tell us the details about your car, such as what kind of car it is and what condition it is in.
  2. Our website will give you an instant offer, usually within seconds. Accept the offer and schedule pickup.
  3. Our Richmond, IN junk car removal agent will pay you cash on the spot and tow away for free.

Sell your car to the best car buyer in Richmond, IN

As an experienced Richmond, IN car buyer, we have the entire buying experience refined down to a fine art. It only takes a few minutes to get an instant cash offer. Then, if you are prepared for our arrival, the pickup appointment can be completed within a few minutes also. You should be ready to hand us the car’s title (or other appropriate ownership documents) and its keys.

There are a few additional steps that you may want to take after we leave with your car before you can completely wash your hands of your car ownership experience. While our cash for cars in Richmond, IN service will make sure the buyer transfers the vehicle out of your name, we can’t do anything with the registration or insurance. First, you should contact your auto insurance company to cancel your coverage. After all, why would you pay for coverage on a vehicle that you no longer own? Second, you will want to notify the Indiana DMV about the sale. They may also request that you turn in your license plates.

You can see how easy we make getting cash for cars in Richmond, IN. That old car sitting in your garage or driveway can be turned into much-needed cash within a few days or less. Just get the ball rolling today!

If you prefer to get a quote over the phone, you can reach us at (888) 383-4181 during our normal business hours.

Can you buy junk cars without title in Richmond, IN?

We can sometimes buy junk cars with no title in Richmond, IN but we cannot guarantee it in all cases. It may depend on a number of different factors, such as the age of the vehicle and the exact location. Ultimately it is up to our local junk car buyers. If we can pay cash for your junk car with no title you will need to have a photo ID matching a valid registration to prove ownership. Also note that offers for cars with no title may be significantly lower!

If needed, the legal owner of the car should be able to easily obtain a replacement title through your local Richmond, IN DMV as seen below. Most states require a small fee for replacement and turnaround time can be anywhere from instantly to a couple of weeks:

Your Richmond DMV

4503 National Road E.
Richmond, Indiana, 47374
Tel: 888-692-6841

Richmond DMV map

How long does it take to tow away my vehicle?

We can usually pick up the majority of vehicles in Richmond within 1 to 3 business days. Note, however, that your local carrier or buyer handles all their own pick up scheduling, so we can't ever fully guarantee a specific time or day for pickup on the carrier's behalf. Same day pickups are sometimes possible, but never guaranteed.

Do you pay cash or check at pickup time?

Whether you are paid by business check or cash depends on the policies of the buyer near you who places a bid on your vehicle. While many of our buyers do pay cash for cars, a lot have started using checks for better book keeping and the safety of tow drivers. If you are paid via business check, keep in mind that The Clunker Junker fully guarantees all payments and will pay you in full if there is any issue with the local buyer!

Recent offers made near Richmond, IN

Recent vehicles sold in Richmond, IN
We made a recent cash offer for Elwood's 2000 Infiniti I30 in Richmond, Indiana in 47374. Their I30 starts and drives with approximately 112,000 miles on the odometer and has a clear title, four inflated tires, and has no damage to any lights or glass. We offered Elwood $375.00 for their I30 with free pickup and tow away! Find out how much cash we'll pay for your vehicle!
  • 1994 Gmc Jimmy Suv (2 Door) (N... Jan 20
    Richmond, IN
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Engine Starts
    fa-times icon No Title
  • 2011 Ford Mustang Coupe V6 Pre... Jan 11
    Richmond, IN
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2002 Dodge Durango Slt 4 Wd Jan 11
    Richmond, IN
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-times icon No Title
  • 2000 Dodge Durango Slt Jan 11
    Richmond, IN
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2005 Kia Sedona Lx Jan 11
    Richmond, IN
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2005 Cadillac Escalade Ext Base Jan 03
    Richmond, IN
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2007 Dodge Charger Base Rwd Dec 30
    Richmond, IN
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title

Here is what other customers have said:

  • Jennie's 1982 Ford Pickup
    1982 Ford Pickup

    "Costs too much to fix oil leak and main bearing leak. It's too old. Yes to all the following questions. The following questions are not allowing me anywhere to answer. I clicked "okay" and it sends me back to here."

  • Nicole's 2003 Chrysler Town & Country
    2003 Chrysler Town & Country

    "Small dent on one of the sliding doors. Some minor wear and tear scratches. Tires are inflated but very worn. Car is drivable but does not drive well. Needs the following maintenance: Valve Cover Gasket, both sides, Intake Manifold Gasket, Tune Up, Oil Change. "

  • Shawn's 2013 Ford F150
    2013 Ford F150

    "This truck is junk. I have removed the transmission,rear axle, and a couple doors. Everything is gone or missing. It's a shell with a frame. "

  • Curtis's 2002 Ford  Taurus
    2002 Ford Taurus

    "The transmission was recently replaced, but now it needs a new power steering pump and a starter. The tires are flat. "

  • Alex's 2000 Plymouth Voyager
    2000 Plymouth Voyager

    "Cons: has internal engine damage of some sort. The engine sounds like a rod has dropped. The driver's side window doesn't roll up and down. The van always stalled when coming to a complete stop. So the gas had to be applied to keep it from stalling, but not much at all and only in gear. The driver side door interior panel are not secured correctly to the door frame. The back gate door doesn't open due to baseball sized dent in it. There's also a dent in the rear bumper that goes along with dent on back hatch door. PROS: Brand new Starter engine under warranty New Brakes in the front. New drive belt and tensioner installed by PEP boys. Oil change done about 4 weeks before the engine issue happened. New windshield wiper on driver side. Transmission is solid. except for the fabric on the interior ceiling the rest of the interior is in fair condition. seats 7 people. has jack and spare tire "

  • Bartrail's 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
    1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

    "The interior is nice and it runs well. Everything is still original, but not all in the places it should be. "

Ready to sell your junk car for cash in Richmond, IN?