Want to sell your junk car for cash in Caldwell? The Clunker Junker can help.

  1. We buy all cars! We'll pick up your junk car free of charge and tow it away.
  2. Junk car removal and towing is always included in your cash offer.
  3. We are Caldwell's top junk car removal specialists

Are you suffering from the junk car blues and need cash for your car in Caldwell, ID? The junk car blues is a condition that vehicle owners get when they have trouble selling their clunkers using various methods. Such owners experience a lot of facepalming and embarrassment when friends and relatives visit because of the grotesque images in their driveways. Legal entities may frequently describe the vehicle as a danger to the community’s mental health because of its disturbing features. The owner’s children may be afraid to inherit the vehicle even if it runs. Does that sound like you? If so, then it’s time for you to take control of your life and your environment. It’s time for you to get some cash for your clunker. Today’s your lucky day to do that because we buy junk cars in Caldwell.

We know exactly how you feel about being stuck with a beater. We’ve been in this business for many years, and we’ve seen some horrific vehicles. What sets us apart from all the other junk car buyers in the area is that we will buy almost anything. We literally pay cash for junk cars in Caldwell. We don’t care how ugly your car looks or whether it runs or not. Our agents are creative people. They can find something to do with your unwanted vehicle. You don’t have to worry about vanity, performance or even if it has all of its parts. We pay cash for junk cars, so we want it. We’ve given cash for cars to residents for a long time, and our desire is to continue to serve the community. Our passion is helping people turn their cars into cash so that they can have the money they need for food, clothes, bills, home repairs or even vacations. You shouldn’t have to go without money when you have a perfectly good Jalopy to sell us. That just doesn’t make sense when you can just sell your junk car to The Clunker Junker.

We are Caldwell’s top junk cars for cash buyer

Why do it by yourself when you have the option of getting a quick payment for a car that you’ve been trying to get rid of for months? It just doesn’t seem to make too much sense that you’d do all the work of listing it, signing it, talking to people, setting up meetings and so on just to not close a deal. We’re offering you a surefire deal here. As long as the car isn’t just a figment of your imagination, you should be able to get some cash for it. You might as well just skip the other methods because our method works great. One more thing that you may not have known is that we offer free towing when we come to take your car. We don’t feel that you should have to pay for the towing or take any of the money out of what we give you for the purchase. That just doesn’t make sense. You deserve to collect every penny that you can get from your car.

Get an instant offer and cash for your junk car today!

Don’t wait another minute to get your instant offer for cash. You deserve to have money in your pocket today. Take a minute to submit a bit of information about yourself and your car. The time will pass quickly, and then you’ll have access to the cash you need to handle your emergency. You’ll probably have some cash left over, too. We’re waiting for you to get in touch so that we can help. Don’t make yourself suffer for a moment longer. Come and get your money right now.

If you prefer to get a quote over the phone, you can reach us at (888) 383-4181 during our normal business hours.

How much is my car worth in Caldwell?

The current average value for vehicles in Caldwell, Idaho is $283 with pickup included. If you have a big truck like a Dodge Ram or SUV such as a Chevy Suburban, the average value is a little more at $353, but may only be $240 for small and mid-size vehicles like a Toyota Camry. Obviously, your vehicle's exact value depends on various factors:

  • The year, make, and model. If we can sell the vehicle at wholesale auction, it's worth more than salvage values.
  • What size is the vehicle and how much does it weigh? Salvage pricing is often based on vehicle size .
  • Does the vehicle work correctly? Vehicles with usable parts are often worth more .

We don't buy cars in Caldwell, ID without a title

Unfortunately we cannot usually buy vehicles with no title in Caldwell, ID. Sorry about this! Idaho has very strict laws around vehicle ownership and we are at the mercy of following those regulations. You would need to obtain a replacemnt or duplicate title from your local DMV (see below). Once you have your title in hand we'll be happy to buy your junk car!

If needed, the legal owner of the car should be able to easily obtain a replacement title through your local Caldwell, ID DMV as seen below. Most states require a small fee for replacement and turnaround time can be anywhere from instantly to a couple of weeks:

Your Caldwell DMV

425 Boise Avenue
Grand View, Idaho, 83624
Tel: 208-834-3333

Grand View DMV map

Will you pick up my vehicle on the same day?

We can pick up most vehicles in Caldwell within 1 to 3 business days. Note, however, that your local buyer or carrier manages all their own scheduling, so we can't ever guarantee a specific pickup window on their behalf. Same day pickups are sometimes possible, but never guaranteed.

Do you pay cash or check at pickup time?

Whether you are paid by business check or cash depends on the policy of the buyer near you who makes an offer on your vehicle. While many of our buyers do pay cash for cars, many have moved to check for better record keeping and the safety of tow drivers. If you are paid by check, keep in mind that The Clunker Junker fully guarantees all payments and will pay you the full amount if there are any issues with the local buyer!

Recent Junk And Used Cars Sold In Caldwell, ID

Recent vehicles sold in Caldwell, ID
The most recent junk car we have made an instant cash offer on near Caldwell, Idaho was William's 1999 GMC Suburban K2500 (gas) in 83605. This Suburban does not start with approximately 177,000 miles on the odometer and has a clear title, all body panels securely attached, and has all interior pieces intact and undamaged. We offered William $255.00 for their Suburban with free pickup and tow away! Find out how much cash we'll pay for your vehicle!
  • 1993 Oldsmobile Bravada Base Sep 25
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 1994 Ford F 250 Regular Cab Xl... Sep 25
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Engine Starts
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2008 Hyundai Elantra Se Sep 23
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-times icon No Title
  • 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan Sport Sep 22
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-exclamation-triangle icon Salvage Title
  • 2005 Volvo S60 2.5 T Awd Sep 17
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2004 Kia Optima Lx Sep 17
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-check icon Runs and Drives
    fa-check icon Clean Title
  • 2005 Cadillac Cts Hi Feature V6 Sep 17
    Caldwell, ID
    fa-times icon Doesn't start
    fa-check icon Clean Title

Here is what other cash for cars customers have said:

  • Ben's 1996 Jeep Cherokee
    1996 Jeep Cherokee

    "Was just involved in a front end collision, and the cost of repairs may exceed the value of the car or may not be covered by insurance. I'm investigating alternative possibilities for the car while settling the claim. There's damage from collision to: Front right light shattered, grill broken, cracked radiator, and front bumper misaligned and damaged."

  • Allen's 2006 Acura 3.2TL
    2006 Acura 3.2TL

    "Needs a new transmission. Please give me a cash offer for my junk Acura TL ASAP. "

  • Amy's 2012 Chevrolet Cruze
    2012 Chevrolet Cruze

    "Trying to get rid of the vehicle. It's fully paid off and I have the title. We're only allowed two cars in our driveway and this is the third car. Landlord says we need to move it. But we have no place to put it. So trying to get it gone asap! "

  • Matt's 2001 Dodge Neon
    2001 Dodge Neon

    "It has a bad water pump. My roommate up and left when he had bought another car. He left me this one. I don't need it. It has no title. Plus I need my garage space back. I want this gone a.s.a.p if possible."

  • Jessie's 2001 Saab 9-5
    2001 Saab 9-5

    "The car was wrecked over a year ago. The passenger quater panel and axle are no good. The passenger door also has damage. The car engine ran fine when it was wrecked but I haven't started the car in over a year. I was going to fix it and sell it but do not have the time and want it gone. "

  • Tina's 2003 Dodge Caravan
    2003 Dodge Caravan

    "I'm geting rid of it because the transmission is out of it. Other then that its a great van. It starts and runs, but wont go no faster then 30 miles a hour. The engine and transmission is there and so is the battery. The van is nice other then the transmission is going out of it. It's free from fire hazards, every thing is there, it starts runs but wont go fast enough to drive it."

Ready to sell your junk car for cash in Caldwell, ID?